4 Fitness Tips for Office Workers

Maybe you work in the tech field. Maybe you are an Attorney. Marketing Executive. Call Center Representative. Office Worker. To sum it up…there is a good chance your job is not very “active”, but it is [or can be] extremely stressful and demanding. Which leaves you wanting to just kick back and relax when you finally leave your job; which is totally understandable.

But where does fitness fit into your schedule?

Office workers or commonly referred to as “desk jockeys” tend to sit at a desk or cubicle for 7-8 hours per day and have access to some of the delicious goodies brought to them by the boss. Having a sedentary job with copious amounts of donuts are not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. You know that just as well as I do. But there are ways to prioritize fitness even with a desk-bound career. Below are 4 things you can do.

1) Time Management

You already operate on a schedule and you’re programmed to meet deadlines, goals and quotas. Do the same with your own schedule, and fit exercise into the mix. Seems like one of those “easier said than done” kind of things? It may be, but that’s because you’re thinking there aren’t enough HOURS in the day. You have to look at your typical day and find 20,30, 45 minutes or an hour a few times a week and commit that time to exercising. You don’t have to workout 7 days a week. 3 times a week is more than enough IF you haven’t been working out already! As time goes on, you will find more time to exercise because you’re starting to enjoy the feeling and how your body responds. But you have to find the time and make it happen.

2) Socialize your Fitness

Have you ever heard of MeetUp? There are sites/apps just like that where people with similar interests come together to accomplish a shared goal. Many of these sites, if not all, have fitness groups. Maybe you’re one of those people who needs interaction to stay motivated to stay on track with their fitness goals. Join a fitness group. You’ll meet people who will hold you accountable with your fitness goals, meet new friends and do a little networking at the same time. You can also gather friends, family, co-workers and neighbors together and train in a Small Private Group Fitness setting. This helps if you would rather train with people you know instead of strangers.

3) Encourage Office Fitness Events

When I was active duty, the Marines in my unit would set an individual goal of 100 pull ups a day. What did this do? It became a competition, and we would hold each other accountable by asking if “did you do your pull ups?” or “how many pull ups have you done today?”. What did this do? It transferred into other things. We would go above an beyond our initial goal of 100 pull ups a day. You would see Marines becoming more aware of their nutrition. Even the Marines who had no interest in fitness outside of what was required became interested in taking their fitness seriously. You can do this too! Set up an office challenge. 1 Mile a Day Challenge or group Push Ups to start the day, at lunch and before you leave for the day. It doesn’t matter what it is…as long as you do it, and it’s keeping you active. You can also suggest bringing a Personal Trainer in a few times a week for an office boot camp. If you want it, and you feel others will benefit from it too – take charge.

4) Hire a Personal Trainer

Sounds crazy right? Having an experienced Fitness Professional by your side a few times a week can go a long way if staying motivated is a problem for you. Having scheduled training sessions will help with staying consistent, and the scientific approach to fitness will yield results time after time; which leads to motivation. Motivation is the key to staying consistent.

Consistency = Results = Motivation