Overcoming the “Dad Bod”

Ahhh the “Dad Bod”. So many men find themselves battling this body type even if they don’t have kids.

You see. This envious thing called the “dad bod” is typically achieved after the responsibilities of fatherhood and adulthood, take over the once easy -to-maintain fresh out of high school look you didn’t have to work for. It also comes by way of never really being active or just simply living a sedentary lifestyle instead of devoting time to resistance training and following a nutrition regimen of some sort.

To put it plainly – it comes from not working out and placing an emphasis on sculpting or strengthening your body. But what is it? It’s supposed to be a mix between Spongebob, Homer Simpson and Al Bundy. Did you find a way to blend all of those bodies together? Yup…that’s the ‘dad bod’. Not every guy can have the statuesque physique of the legendary Frank Zane, but you can still work towards the physique you desire within your own genetic means and

There are things you can do to mold the dad bod into something completely different

Dust Off The Jersey and get motivated again. Not everyone was an athlete back in their day but there is always something you can do. Work towards something that keeps you focused like a body building competition, Powerlifting meet, American Ninja Warrior, Spartan Race or anything else where you are training for a specific goal. I say this because some people can’t maintain motivation if they are JUST exercising for the sake of exercising. So put something on the calendar and get out there.

This gentleman has become a serious source of inspiration for me. 60 years young and living healthy. No “Dad Bod” for this guy! Proud to call him my client and honored to have him as a friend as well. Give Trevor a “like” for being an inspiration for all!


Hit the Weights or join an intermural /social sports team to keep you active. Once again – being active. Weight training and sports teams are a great way to socialize and keep things scheduled; which keeps you consistent.

Lay Off the Beer. Do I really have to break this one down? Knockin a few back with the boys or grabbing a cold one is refreshing, but more beer and less exercise is good way to develop the almighty ‘dad bod’. A few here and there is fine, but when here and there is every night….you have to put it in check.


I crack jokes about the ‘dad bod’ because I’m a dad, I have friends/clients who are dads and I know several kid-less guys who are very familiar with the ‘dad bod’. Realistically, body aesthetics are completely subjective and genetic. The goal is to make light of the fact that guys battle with body image issues as well and there is a way to fix it.