3 Reasons to Exercise in the Morning

The alarm goes off. You roll over and hit the snooze button..then go back to sleep. Repeat until you have JUST ENOUGH time to get up and head to work, or get the kids ready for school. All of that being considered, the idea of waking up to exercise may seem a bit burdensome, but there are some really powerful advantages.

Healthy Eating Tips for Busy Professionals

Business lunches, meetings, conferences, hectic workload and the list goes on. A lot of companies have leaned towards accommodating their workers by making food available on-site; whether its in the form of a buffet, food trucks (Austin), or a chef at times. Between the work space deliciousness and meeting with clients or just taking a brain break with colleagues – the idea of eating healthy for some professionals is almost non-existent. It seems like another restriction to an already restricted life. 

4 Fitness Tips for Office Workers

Maybe you work in the tech field. Maybe you are an attorney. Marketing Executive. Call Center Representative. Office Worker. To sum it up…there is a good chance your job is not very "active", but it is [or can be] extremely stressful and demanding. Which leaves you wanting to just kick back and relax when you finally leave your job; which is totally understandable.