Should Women Do Chest Exercises?

I know there are women out there who lean towards excessive cardio, because the general idea is that weight training will bulk them up. Of course this is the furthest thing from the truth because a) women don't produce enough testosterone to be "built like a man" strictly from lifting weights, b) bulking up includes being in a caloric surplus (consuming more calories than you are burning) and c) the women who many of these people see with physiques that are "manly" are either competitors or they have used anabolic agents to help them reach THEIR goal of achieving the look you see.

How to Hold Yourself Accountable On Your Fitness Journey

People choose to hire a Personal Trainer for a variety of reasons. Some value the science behind the instruction. Some feel more comfortable being lead by someone; which means – they don't have to wing it. And there are others who like having a trainer because they need to be held accountable.