Fitness Services 

Providing a fitness facility for your tenants is a fantastic amenity – but adding a wide array of classes, personal or group training services and events can take their appreciation for the fitness center to the next level. Total Health Evolution provides provides:

  • Oversight of fitness center daily operations
  • Personal training
  • Group activity classes
  • Fitness and wellness programming
  • Facility maintenance

Fitness Amenity Project Management Services

Are you establishing or improving your fitness center? We can help with the equipment purchasing, design & construction of your residential, commercial, or public fitness facility.
Design- Where different elements or pieces of equipment are placed helps ensure your fitness space is both attractive and practical. We will design your fitness space to be an appealing, safe, and functional area so that all users can get the most out of it.

  • Consultations – We will help you determine the appropriate equipment or design for your space; with your budget and user base in mind. This includes proper placement, overall design, and functionality for the intended user to get the most out of your fitness space.
  • Purchasing – The worst return on your investment is purchasing equipment that isn’t being used or causes safety concerns. We help protect your investment by identifying the best equipment for your needs and facilitating the purchasing on your behalf. 
  • Installation – We will perform or manage the installation of your indoor or outdoor fitness spaces based on the desired outcome.

Of course, you can hire us to do one or all of the above services to bring your fitness space from a concept to reality. Our full-service Fitness Amenity Project Management Services start with a consultation and end with the installation.

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