in-home/On-site personal training

In-Home Personal Training has been the preferred option for workaholics, busy parents, or the fitness seeker who simply does not feel comfortable in a commercial gym environment. We bring the gym, and any needed equipment, with us to each session.

On-Site Training can be at your local park, the fitness center at your office or the gym at your apartment/condo. We bring the equipment we need for the scheduled training session(s) or use the available equipment to conduct our training.

Our clients find our in-home/on-site training invaluable because:

  • There is no need for a commercial gym membership. We train in your garage, living room or backyard.
  • It drastically reduces the inflation of fees normally associated with employing a Personal Trainer at a commercial gym.
  • We go to your office for scheduled training sessions if requested.
  • You receive an additional independent training plan to keep the progress going on days we don’t meet face to face, or when you have to travel for work.
  • You follow a customized and sustainable approach to nutrition to help you reach your fitness goals.

Our fitness services are very accommodating, and we take pride in going the extra mile for our clients. You can enjoy the same benefits our current clients enjoy. Request your free fitness consultation today.

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